A short story about our nurseries:

Szpakowscy - Dom przy szkółce

Ornamental plant nursery "Szpakowscy" has existed since 1976 as part of the 100 - year tradition of gardening in Kijany.

The nursery stock is grown by highly trained horticulturists who boast experience of over 30 years ensuring product quality is second to none. Currently our production area is equal to 25 ha.

Our customers are wholesalers and garden centres, landscaping companies, retailers and the general public.

We specialise in:

Szpakowscy - nasze rośliny

The nursery boasts over 500 varities of trees and shrubs. This includes deciduous trees, coniferous trees, shrubs, avenue trees, hedge plants, cover crops, vines and perennials.

We are a 'one stop' solution to our customers' tree and plant requirements and have developed over many years a comprehensive network of specialist growers to compliment our own range of production.

The quality of our products:

Szpakowscy - nasze rośliny

Challenging weather conditions of East Poland ensure that our plants are hardened and healthy. The weather has a significant impact on their adaption and development after transplanting.

Among our clients are many foreign customers including Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, France and Germany. Such a large territorial range is great proof of the quality of our plants.